Stephan Mittelstrass

At first Stephan Mittelstrass wanted to work in a tax-office but this was too boring for him. Instead, the grandson of a cinema-owner/doctor from the beautiful town of Bad Woerishofen in the Bavarian area of the Allgaeu decided to become a restaurant-professional, since his family also runs a restaurant. Being a true Trekker since he was six years old, he watched the his first season of "Star Trek: The next Gemeration" after doing his homework in the evening. After that he discovered "Star Trek" and then all the following sequels and the Star Trek Movies. Besides his first fanfiction story about Star Trek, (he never made a copy of that one so it`s lost) and a never finished fanfiction novell ("Star Trek: Deadly Innocence") the Bavarian is focusing on translating and writting German Subtitles for the fanshow "Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase 2". In 2008 he did the translation of the first draft for Juergen Kaiser`s first film "Der Zeitspiegel" to English and this film can be downloaded since 2010 in the English dubbed version called „Star Trek: Enterprise TNG – Crossroads“. One year later, Juergen Kaiser asked Stephan to join him in writting the sequel of his first Stop-Motion-Film, called "The Beginning of the End". The first draft of the English translated version of this script is also done by him.






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