Star Trek ENTERPRISE II - The Beginning of the End is a Star Trek Fanfilm by Jürgen Kaiser. The film is set after the three season of the show and it`s Jürgen Kaiser`s second film and the sequel to Star Trek ENTERPRISE - Crossroads.  

The film is done using Star Trek ENTERPRISE Aktionfigures and sets which were built fort he film only. We are using the Stop-Motion -Technique. Besides that, we will be using 3D-sequences in HD, given us by NASA.


Additional information


The script was done by four writers and it`s basically finished by now.                                        Since in my first movie, the biggest critics were saying the Voice-actors were not good enough, I`ll try to get a professional cast fort he sequel.                                                                                   The score of the film will be composed by Marc Teichert who also did the music for the first film. The film will be shot in cinema-format, 16:9 and I plan to do it in HD-Quality. The length of it will be at least one hour or longer.


About the modells (Sets)


I will increase work on those a lot.

Fans are gonna see the complete engineroom, which has two stages and it`s bigger than the bridge-set. [already built]

A part of the sickbay [already built]

A landscape of planet Vulcan [already built]

Shuttle interior [already built]

A complete new Bridge-set (I can`t tell you for whom at the moment) [already built]

The bridge for a ship of the Red Empire [already built]

Bridge NX-01 [already exists from the first movie]


The productioncosts will be increasing as well, I estimate them to be double as high as the first movie. I estimate about 2000 Euros.


Other information:


We`ll be buing complete new filming- and editing equipment ort his film.





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