Gudo Hoegel

Mr. Hoegel did start his first Televisionshow in 1977 in a German Series called „Auf der Suche nach dem Glück“. He had leading roles in „Mond, Mond, Mond“ and TV-Plays like „Die Bombe“, „Dirketmandat und Datenpannen – das kann uns nicht passieren“. He did gueststar in German crimeshows like „Wolffs Revier“, „Derrick“ and the ER-Show „Die Scharzwaldklinik“ and „Irgendwie und Sowieso“. In the German Comdey Show „Hausmeister Krause“ he played the house owner „Herr Fritsch“. 

But widely known is Mr. Hoegels voice as Dubbing-voice-actor. He dubbed “Darkwing Duck”, the leading role in the Cartoon-Series, “Sper Mario Bros”, the actor Scott Bakula in “Star Trek: Enterprise” as Captain Jonathan Archer and in “Quantum Leap” he voiced him as Dr. Samuel Beckett”, Richard Karn as Al Bordland in “Tool Time” (second German dubbing edition) and Michael O`Keefe as Fred in “Rosanne”. In Film, Mr. Hoegel ist he German dubbing-voice of Mike Myers (as „Dr. Evil“) in „Austin Powers“ and the sequel „Austin Powers, the Spy who shagged me“.                                                                     He dubbed Timothy Spall in the role of „Peter Pettigrew“ in „Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban“ and „Harry Potter and the Goblin of Fire“. Besides that, Mr. Hoegel ist he German dubbing-voice of Daniel Auteuil. He also dubbed Buddy Hawks and Hondo MacLean in the Cartoonshow “MASK”. Also in Cartoons, he is the German voice of “Gerald Broflovski” in “South Park” and the bus driver “Otto” in “The Simpsons”. He is “Buggy the Clown” in the Anime “One Piece”. In the Japanese Anime “Sailer Moon” he dubbed „Kunzite“, one of the great four in the Kingdom of Darkness. In “Die gruseligen Abenteuer von Bill & Mandy“ he ist he voice of „Sense“, the Death. In the Cartoon-Series “Der Mondbaer” he voiced the fox “Reineke”. 

In 2007 Mr. Hoegel dubbed the role of „Skinner“ in the Pixar Animationsfilm „Ratatouille“, in the original voiced by Ian Holm.







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