Eva Gaigg

Eva Gaigg is a professional actress and voice-actress.                                 After two years on the stage, in 2006 she decided to work as a freelancer in Berlin, since then she`s earning her living as actress, voice-actress and Moderator. Her first Audiobook, "Lesbisches Allerlei" (Butze Publishing) was given the award as "Audiobook of the month" in 2009 by PC News. She also worked as Moderator for several Radiostations in Austria and Germany, for Audio Guides (among them euro2008) and she`s dubbing Television-shows  to German. As a stage-actress, Eva is often portraying in the German-speaking-areas. Her last job on stage the lover of "the Count", Luzie Westenrat in "Dracula - Die Gier nach Blut. Beside her Voice- and acting-work, Eva is working as a Moderator. She`s doing interviews for "Jobstairs.de - The Top Company Portal", and for Audi, BMW, Bosch and Lufthansa. Since summer 2009 she is moderating the first quiz-show on the internet: "Quizzen ist Geld".





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